Advantages of a WordPress CMS for Businesses

Whether it be for announcing exciting news or boostering on-site SEO, every business can benefit from having a content management system (CMS), also known as a blog on their website.

Let me first explain the advantages of having a blog and then convince you why WordPress, which is totally free, is the best option for the blog software on any site:

Advantages for having a blog CMS on your website

  • - Once setup, ANYONE can post on a blog without ANY technical knowledge
  • - All of your posts are displayed in a clear and logical manner
  • - People will find out relevant information from your blog
  • - Web 2.0 technologies such as RSS feeds and blog commenting allow people to directly interact with your business (if wanted)
  • - A freshly updated and ‘alive’ website will be favoured over a ‘stale’ static website by Google, so blogging enhances on-site SEO

So blogging can be used by anybody and regular blogging can have a positive impact on your business whether it be through increased public relations or enhanced on-site SEO (search engine optimisation).  The hardest and sometimes most costly part of blogging is finding someone to regularly write content for it!  If you have a large company then it should be the job of your marketing manager or public relations officer to handle the blog content, if you are strapped for cash then why not put aside 40 minutes a day to blog about your business?

Advantages of using WordPress for your Content Management System

  • - WordPress is FREE to download, use and modify
  • - WordPress is the most popular CMS – see the trends against Joomla and Drupal
  • - When you create a post on WordPress you have a WYSIWYG editor which is similar to creating a document in Microsoft Word
  • - WordPress can be themed in many different styles without moving around content, most styles are free to download and use
  • - Catergories, Tags and link structure is automatically created in WordPress, all you have to do is post content and the website is built automatically around it
  • - Each post you create is automatically ‘Pinged’ out to Google and other sites, Google indexes them within 5 seconds on it’s search engine!
  • - There are more WordPress developers than any other platform meaning that the system is well known and prices are competitive
  • - There is a large community of WordPress enthusiasts which update the software platform and can solve many challenges

So as you can see WordPress is massively popular, it is also recommended by Google’s very own front man Matt Cutts in his 2009 conference.  Here at RealWebSEO we install a WordPress blog on every site we optimise for and use it’s advantageous features within several different SEO methods.  We work alongside who have developed their own unique WordPress plugins especially made for on-site SEO in mind.

Whatever your business is you can get a great deal of positive results from blogging on the world wide web, so get out there and promote yourself!

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