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the most indipensable common accessory !

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Today the umbrella is still a famous common accessory although it was created a very long time ago. But there are a lot of mysteries around the umbrella's creation: where has it been created? in which brilliant brain has he been invented? ...
If you want to discover the wonderful history of the umbrella and amazing facts about it, you will enjoy using this website !

If you are curious you can visit the About page and learn about the creation of the umbrella and how it became widely available.

You could find in the Facts page how to use your favourite umbrella to take photos as a professional and discover a new amazing Japanese invention which could change your life in a few years. If you are unlucky to live in a country where it rains a lot, you can also learn about how to choose a good umbrella.

In the Gallery section you can see several amazing photos like ball and bell umbrellas and some videos about umbrellas including a song by Rihanna.

Rihanna jay-z umbrella