Is your website doing as well as expected? Is your social media all in order? Is the answer to either of these questions no? Well take a seat and read on. Real Web SEO is here to help.

We can’t deny it, we can’t’ escape it, but social media is possibly the most powerful tool in marketing your products and services to a global market. It’s a platform that gives you incredible access to millions of people and can help you really target your desired customers.

Based in Nottingham, Real Web SEO uses a range of techniques within social media to connect to users which, with engaging content, connect with you, the business or company.

In 2011 we have been appointed to improve the social profile for the whole Nottinghamshire tourism board, expanding their Twitter following to over 1,000 followers in under 1 month.  See the current official Nottinghamshire tourism social profiles below which have been designed and guided by the team here at Real Web SEO:


Social interaction starts with words… not just any words, but exciting words, current words, desirable words. SEO relies heavily on original content, inter spliced with keywords, the words you believe your customers will use to search your products or service.

Using social media and the clever arrangement of words in micro blogging, on such sites as Twitter, or blogs on your own site, which are linked into interesting and relative topics, customers can search terms and be presented with a range of options including Facebook pages, twitter trends, blogs, articles and other media platforms. The great thing is, they can all belong to you and be linked back and integrated with your current website. It’s an all-out attack on your customer, covering every conceivable angle.

Social media directs customers back to you, increasing web site hits, growing enquiries and ultimately making your profits creep up and up. We can make any business come alive and be seen as sexy, there is a need for your products and services, and we want to link you with your customers.

Real Web SEO is happy to discuss any social media plan with you. If you need to step up your social media Nottingham campaign take the leap and contact us now on 0845 544 1765