What is it? An xml sitemap is a single computer file that helps search engines understand the page structure and loaction of the pages that make up your website. To view an xml sitemap is like seeing a long list of the page locations which make up your website. In reality, it is only required for search engines & will not be seen by visitors to your site.

Why is it needed? The reason why an xml sitemap is an important part of your Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) strategy is that they are important to search engines such as Google as they will “look” at them when trying to understand your website & its content. It’s like a basic listing & route map of your site, which Google can refer to in order to understand how to promote your site when people search.

Every time you add a page to your site you should update the xml sitemap to make Google aware a new page has been added, so any potential visitors who may be looking for the kind of things you offer can find your website. In short it helps your website be found & keeps Google up-to-date & if you are adding pages & content regularly this help you climb the search engines to receive more visitors.

How Real Web SEO can help. We can set up an xml site map for & provide you with a program to help you to maintain this yourself in the future supporting your good SEO work.