What is it? The title tag is what shows up at the top of a user’s browser page, & it is also seen in search results on Google etc. Take a look at the top of your browser and you’ll see the title tag for this page in the very top left of the screen (in this case “Title Tag | Real Web SEO Nottingham Guide | Real Web SEO“).

Why is it needed? Most search engines assign great value to the contents of the title tag, and actually make it one of the most important factors in the site ranking process, making the title tag a key part of SEO. So if you don’t have an optimised title tag, you might be missing the boat as far as rankings are concerned on the major search engines. If you do develop strong title tags then they can have a great impact on how high you appear on the search listings.

How Real Web SEO can help. After liaising with SEO clients to understand more about their website & business, we will perform research into the phrases that will create the most results for your website on the search engines & then implement these title tags. A few weeks down the line we also check the performance to ensure we got it spot-on & may make some further tweaks to ensure you are performing really well in this area. This will have a big impact on your sites positioning in the search engines and is one of the most important aspects of SEO. Having a good title tag for each major page on your site will significantly increase how many visitors you receive & is a cost effective part of any good Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) campaign.