What is it? Today, social bookmarking & Search Engine Optimisation are being increasingly mentioned in the same breath.

When Google & the major search engines first started, the way in which they determined how popular a site was & therefore where it should be positioned when people search for a site of its kind was by how many people linked to the site. The idea is that links mean people like your site & think it’s worth telling people about by creating a link on their site. As a result Google will recommend your site & the more links you have the more highly it rates your website.

Nowadays the way they rank how popular a site is, is far more complex, however links are still a huge aspect to how high Google will feature you on search results & in turn this will have a huge impact on how many visits you receive.

Why is it needed? In more recent time Social Bookmarking sites have come to the fore & having links in these sites goes down well with Google, showing people like to recommend and talk about your site in a social environment online. Social bookmarking is now recognised as a key ingridient in any SEO campaign.

How Real Web SEO can help. Real Web SEO can create links to your website on over 160 of the biggest Social Bookmarking sites. This will have a big impact on the positioning of your site & our methods of doing this are efficient so the cost vs. benefits are very good. In order to work out how many links you need we look at what you want to achieve in relation to positioning & analyse the strength of your competition.