Marketing online can achieve some explosive results, you have access to literally millions of potential customers, promotions can work in an instant and the internet never sleeps meaning that you can make online sales even whilst you sleep.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) plays a vital role in online marketing as it creates a positive presence in search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Ask, MSN and Bing.  When people are looking for information online then the search engines are usually the first port of call, if your business doesn’t feature in the search engines then it’s virtually invisible!!

Before we even set work on promoting a website we look at the target market, the volumes of searches made per month and the amount of competition in that market.  These 3 factors determine our strategy for SEO, if there is a lot of competition and large volumes of searches for example then we’d target more precise searches to win business in the run up to optimising for main keywords.

Connecting with existing and potential customers is an important part of modern SEO, we utilise the social aspect of web 2.0 technologies to not only connect to large networks of people but to use each network to link back to the client’s site enhancing off-site SEO.  Social marketing can be used to promote new products, special offers and viral campaigns; the more buzz surrounding a business online, the more Google sees the site as an authority and ranks it higher in the search engine results.

Naturally if your business appears at #1 in Google for your main product or service then you’ll receive a lot of targeted traffic and a gain a lot of potential customers.  Research has shown that position #1 can bring in between 35-45% of the target audience for a certain keyword, you can see the sales chart of one of our clients at the top of the page and it’s clear to see the date when they reached position #1 after approximately 6 months of SEO work.

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