We are Mansfield and Nottingham’s highest ranking Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) company named ‘Real Web SEO’.

We are located in Calrton, Nottingham and have several clients around Nottinghamshire and many more around the UK.

What makes us number 1?

Our team of skilled optimisers constantly share knowledge on SEO and work together to improve each other’s work and link building strategies.  The team’s work is varied and result driven so work doesn’t get repetitive or tiresome and productivity is at a constant high.

We do a lot of research on SEO and use the latest technologies on the internet available to get one over our competitors, these technologies vastly improve a website’s on-site SEO and shows Google exactly what it’s looking for.

We work alongside our clients firstly identifying their goals and aspirations and then taking a look at competition levels and the current website architecture.  Our partners are a web design company also based in our premises in Nottingham called JunoWebDesign.com who specialise in building ecommerce and business websites catered towards search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing and Ask.

What have we achieved for our clients?

We’re happy to share our incredible results that we have achieved for our clients and continue to accomplish to this day…


Nottingham’s finest restaurant, hotel and wedding location came to us to gain traffic from local search engine results around their Hart’s Hotel business.  After some site alterations we started seeing results in as little as 2 weeks and now Hart’s enjoy rankings in Google.co.uk as shown below:

Number 1 positions for the keywords: “restaurant nottingham”, “wedding hotel nottingham”, “boutique hotel nottingham”, “wedding reception nottingham”
Page 1 positions for the keywords:  “hotel nottingham”, “wedding nottingham”

The Hart’s website enjoys several hundreds of visitors a day hunting for the ideal wedding, hotel or restaurant service in Nottingham and Real Web SEO have had many other local search successes including our own site when you search for “seo nottingham”.


Simply search Google (the UK’s most popular search engine) for duffle coats and you will always see DuffleCoatsUK.co.uk in the number one position; sometimes it is not only number one but number two as well!

This is an example of a UK wide search result we have performed SEO on.  Whether your business is based in Mansfield or Macclesfield we can send it highly up the national search engine results for your chosen keyword.

How do you achieve these lucrative search engine results?

We firstly identify the key areas of your website that need improving or creating.  Whilst this process is taking place (the on-site SEO) we build links on other people’s sites pointing towards your own to promote it in search engines such as Google and Bing (off-site SEO).  We also promote your site on the multitude of social networking sites out there and this helps boost your brand as well as gaining more SEO power.

Being a client of ours ensures that you will receive over 300 backlinks within the first month alone.  We gain revenue from smaller keyword searches whilst heading towards the big money keywords; this ensures that you make a return on investment and we continue working together for a long period.  We treat all client sites as if they were our own and you will find this out if you ever to contact one of them.

Call us right now on 0845 544 1765 to discuss your SEO needs in Mansfield, we’ll be happy to hear from you…