If you are a London based company looking for high-end SEO services then why not consider trying us at Real Web SEO?

We work with a range of UK clients and are based in the central location of Nottingham.  Due to our cheaper location and cheaper running costs we can perform more SEO that most London based companies with the same budget!

We don’t just perform on-site and off-site SEO, we also look at the website as a whole and see where improvements can be made to maximise sales and improve the overall brand itself.  Here at Real Web SEO we never take on a client before we are sure that the product will sell and future expansions of the business can occur.

For on-site improvement such as blog integration, graphic design and conversion optimisation we use our in-house web design and development team named Juno Web Design.  Juno specialise in PHP websites which includes the SEO-friendly e-commerce platform ‘Magento’ and the content management system (CMS) ‘WordPress’.

For external marketing we have an experienced PR company called JPR Marketing on hand.  JPR know the importance of brand awareness and publications whether they be online or offline. Social interactions are also becoming more and more important when it comes to internet marketing as public opinion of your brand can very quickly get damaged with instant interactive sites such as Twitter and Facebook.

SEO Results

We couldn’t claim to be a national SEO company if we didn’t have any national results!  All three of our media companies rank on page one for their main keyword, for example you’ll see Juno Web Design on page 1 for the keyword “Web Design” and JPR Marketing on page one for “PR Company”.

Our client SunglassesSave.com are seeing incredible results from their top 5 ranking keyword “sunglasses” which brings in many hundreds of visitors a day egar to buy their wide range of designer sunglasses.

Another client we perform SEO on is DuffleCoatsUK.co.uk who rank in position #1 for every “duffle coat” related keyword you can imagine making them currently the biggest online retailer of Duffle Coats in the UK.

Another exciting client of ours who sells “Remote Controlled Blinds” has the domain name ControlissBlinds.co.uk. Controliss was a new website entering the online market from scratch; within 5 months they turned their original investment of stock and development into consistent profit and are now venturing into PR to expand their brand awareness across the UK.

If you want to hear about some more of our incredible results or wonder how we achieve such high rankings then call us now on 0845 544 1764
We are located about 6 minutes drive away from Nottingham’s train station if you are visiting from London and we are willing to meet any serious client face-to-face anywhere in the UK