What is it? Inbound links (aka backlinks) are links that are directed to your website from some other website. For example on in the footer of this webite you will notice a link to “Nottingham Restaurants“. This link is pointing to www.godine.co.uk and is therefore an inbound link for the owners of the Go dine website. Some argue that inbound links are the most fundamental aspect of any SEO campaign.

Why is it needed? When the major search engines first started they more or less determined the positioning of a site based on how many links there were to a site. Nowadays SEO is far more complex but the power of links from external sites to your site is immense. In fact it is a common place argument that inbound links are the most powerful aspect of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) success.

How Real Web SEO can help. Having links pointing to your site is one thing, having good links that carry a lot of power in order to raise the most impact on your position on search engines is another matter. Inbound links are so important to SEO & we can ensure they are setup & in a way that will create a huge impact.