What is it? Directory Links are text based links that people can follow to reach your site when in one of the many online website directories that exist. They allow a huge number of websites to be broken down into categories helping people more efficiently find what they are after or uncover a new site of interest. During the early stages of the Internet, directory websites were commonly used to help people find what they were looking for, forming a significant part in the importance of SEO.

Why is it needed? Search engines like to see links to your site as this will suggest you have a popular site which people would like to recommend. As a result adding Directory Links will increase the position of your site on the search engines, increasing how many visitors you get. On top of getting higher on the search engines, directory links can be good for increasing visitors to your site, as they are a popular way for many people to look for particular sites, forming an important part of any SEO campaign.

How Real Web SEO can help. Real Web SEO can ensure the links are set up correctly across high quality directory based websites. Once form of Search Engine Optimisation is complete you will notice a significant improvement to your position on the major search engines. Using our experience & skills we can efficiently set up a good number of Directory Links to your site, ensuring the impact is really noticeable, sustained & cost effective. The important thing is to know how to set up the links correctly & the right sites to create these links on, which is something we can ensure happens for you.