Real Web SEO perform professional Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) services for Derby and the greater East Midland area.

We believe we are the best SEO company in Derbyshire and we have gained top positions for some extremely competitive keywords for our clients.

We have an open policy whilst performing SEO not using the ‘smoke and mirrors’ technique used by many other SEO companies.

Our Goals

- To identify time frames and target keywords for a business before the go-ahead
- Make the most of of a website’s content and assets towards on-site SEO
- Ensure that a website will convert traffic into customers using well known graphical and coding techniques
- To perform trusted off-site optimisation for clients towards main target keywords
- To have a varied mix of link building strategies to minimise future risk with ranking changes in Google
- To win a client business through minor keywords whilst building towards the most lucrative and hardest keyword

Previous Results

Although primarily based in Nottingham we have had successful results throughout Derby and the UK including:
Currently in position #2 – #5 in for the huge keyword “sunglasses
Check the ranking for yourself
Currently position #1 in for the keywords “duffle coats”, “duffle coat” and #2 for “duffle”
Check the ranking for yourself
Currently page #1 for “web design” and position #1 for “web design nottingham” in
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Currently position #1 for “remote control blinds” in
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Currently position #2 for “IT support” in
Check the ranking for yourself

We also perform SEO on ourselves to show how good we have become at it, you can find on page one for “SEO company”, page two for “SEO” and position one for “SEO Nottingham“.

Contact Us

If you’d like to know more about how we can help your business in Derbyshire then contact us now for full information on 0845 544 1765