What is it? SEO Copywriting is the construction of written content for a website that has considered relevance to the potential reader, the websites market audience & carried out with an understanding of how to utilise this discipline to help get your website higher on the search list than your competitors. SEO Copywriting can also be referred to as Article Writing & Blog Posting, covering a range of services, both within and external to your website.

Why is it needed? Search engines love to provide relevant content to the people who use them. The search engines are seeking the foremost authority on a given subject which Search Engine Optimisation. They want the most reputable sites and those that know the most on a particular topic. The most rewarding approach when seeking to legitimately see your site at the top of the heap is not to ask what search engines can do for you, but what you can do for search engines. It’s not up to the search engines to make your site relevant. That’s the job of the site owner. The way you do this is in principle, simple enough – through SEO Copywriting & text-related content.

How Real Web SEO can help. We offer passionate, professional & experienced writers. Both creative and qualified our writers are committed to delivering the very best copy solutions to your campaigns. We can write articles for your web pages, your blog & any aspect of your online presence. We can write articles on a regular basis or by the dozen, tailored to the needs of our SEO Clients.