How to boost local SEO ranking

For a lot of SMEs, being able to attract a local following can be the key to their success. That means, whilst achieving high SERP ranks will of course be high on the list of priorities, perhaps even more important will be coming up top in terms of local SEO – so just how can you do that? Well, we’ve got a few things you might want to try:


- Make sure the business has got consistent contact details (or NAP information – name, address and phone number) both on-site and ... (Read more)

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Key ways to nail on-page optimisation

In the quest for SERP domination, small businesses need to use every SEO tool they can. Whilst off-page optimisation, social signals and consumer engagement are becoming increasingly important factors to determine the level of success, on-page SEO still matters – in fact, a well-optimised page can be key to the whole thing and can be the best way to earn traffic from external sources, generate shares, convert visitors and build a brand’s reputation, so to help you in your quest we’ve outlined a few things you need to focus on to nail on-page optimisation and get the results you’re ... (Read more)

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SEO for ecommerce

Having an ecommerce site is all about maximising sales and increasing your profit margin, but the key to that will always be boosting your online presence. That’s where effective SEO comes in. But, there are distinct challenges that ecommerce stores face – we’re here to identify those issues and help solve them, and here are just a few potential problems we’ve come across in our years of performing SEO for ecommerce…


One of the most common issues lies in the handling of end-of-line products. Any old product pages need to ... (Read more)

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SEO isn’t dead!

There’s no denying that the SEO landscape has changed a lot over the last year or two. What with the Penguin, Panda and numerous other algorithm changes a lot of sites have felt the threat of Google’s wrath, and that’s led a lot of industry insiders to cry that SEO is dead. But, don’t believe everything you hear…

seo revolution

Change doesn’t mean the end of SEO as a whole. Far from it – tactics might die but the practice of search engine optimisation never will, because after all, you still want ... (Read more)

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Will Facebook’s hashtags change the face of search?

If there’s one piece of news that’s dominated the SEO scene over the last week or so, it’s Facebook hashtags. Once solely the domain of social competitor Twitter, Facebook has decided to get in on the hashtagging action and in doing so has essentially become a real-time search engine—whilst general users might be a bit blasé about the whole thing it offers enormous potential for brands, and given the scale of Facebook it could potentially change the face of search or, at the very least, alter its landscape.

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Optimising video content

In the eyes of Google, content is king. In fact it’s more important now than it ever has been, and these days the search engine giant has a particular fondness for multimedia content. It’s all about providing a great user experience and that means you need to provide more than basic text—you should incorporate everything from images and maps to infographics and video, with this last format proving particularly popular. Get it right and even smaller sites have an opportunity to compete with the big boys, so how can you optimise your videos to ensure that?

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What summer 2013 has in store

The world of SEO never stands still, particularly when it comes to Google. Algorithms are updated and techniques are changed with everything being solely focused on providing the best user experience possible, and it’s nice to get a bit of a heads-up every now and again. Luckily Google has given us one—Matt Cutts was nice enough to create a video of what webmasters and SEOs can expect over the next few months, and here at Juno we’ve gone through it to give you a few key changes that are set to come our way:

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Why page load speed matters

Good SEO is as much about providing a great user experience as it is anything else. If you’re keeping readers happy Google will reward you with a higher page rank, and there’s one key area that’s easy to overlook—page load speeds. Forgetting about it can be a big mistake with this aspect of SEO and design as a whole having more of an impact than you might realise, with Google using it as a key factor in its algorithms.

The reason it matters so much? Quicker page loads = a ... (Read more)

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Top tips for better META descriptions

Compelling META descriptions are vital in your quest to achieve SERP success. A well-crafted description can result in more click-throughs and better results all-round, and the one key piece of advice we can give you is to always write for the reader first and the search engine second. This applies in all areas of SEO but perhaps even more so in this sense, so to help ensure you can achieve the necessary results we’ve put together a few top tips to get your descriptions up to scratch:

Keep it ... (Read more)

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Interflora suffers the wrath of Google

In the world of search Google reigns supreme, and that’s why brands of all shapes and sizes need to do everything they can to adhere to the rules. Staying white hat is the only option, implementing SEO techniques that can in no way be construed as manipulative, but sometimes even big brands get it wrong. Interflora is one of them, with their recent high-profile penalisation showing the importance of staying compliant.

The florist came under fire for what Google called “unnatural link building”. They were found to have a large number of paid-for links on newspaper sites which ... (Read more)

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