What is it? Analytics refers to the analysis of how effective a website is, in relation to your visitors & your websites construction & is a key aspect of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), shaping the strategy of how to make your website more powerful for potential visitors.

Why is it needed? Understanding how your customers interact with your website & its general performance is so valuable in ensuring the website your customers want is what they get & in helping more people find you through search. By reviewing your analytics & performance you can learn how to attract more customers, which aspects of your site are working best & who your customers are. In short it will refine & improve the offering which your website delivers & increase traffic.

How Real Web SEO can help. Real Web SEO can help by setting up a package to help you analyse many aspects of your websites performance & the visitors you generate – The most common package we recommend is Google Analytics. Once this has been setup we can help analyse the data in order to assess how to improve the site & increase the business it generates. Our experience in this area will allow you to organically grow the right site for your customer & enhance its performance. When this package is used correctly it can significantly increase business for a website & will completely overshadow the costs of this work.