On-page SEO still matters

2012 has seen the SEO arena change dramatically, largely the result of numerous updates and algorithm changes implemented by Google. What worked for SEO this time last year probably won’t be so successful now and that’s led a lot of people to start panicking and make drastic changes for the future, but there’s one vital thing you need to remember—on-page SEO still matters. It’s easy to overlook the basics and instead focus on wider SEO strategies to get your brand noticed but spending time on making sure your site is fully optimised should be first on your list of priorities, and it’s more important now than ever before.

At the most basic level, it’s all about appealing to your target audience and getting the interest you want by putting the searcher first rather than the search engine. Yes, you still need to make sure you’re getting indexed so you can boost your SERP rank but in a lot of cases a decent ranking will come naturally once you’ve got your audience interested, so always put user experience at the forefront of your mind if you want to achieve on-site SEO success.

There are a number of ways you can go about doing this. Quality content is of course vital and everything you produce needs to provide value to your customers, and responsive web design is a must if you want to get that must-have mobile traffic. But, you need to remember the basics too with things like effective titles, proper use of meta tags, images and friendly URLs often making all the difference, with everything needing to come together to offer a fully-optimised site and a great user experience.

On-page SEO really does matter. Not only is it vital to ensure your website is up to scratch from a search engine point of view but if you get it right you’ll be giving any visitors a great experience as well, and by focusing on the reader as much as search engines you’ll soon hit the right notes. In the wake of so many algorithm changes you need to step your game up if you want to attract (and keep) your audience, so never underestimate the power of on-page optimisation and you could soon notice the difference to your campaign.

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