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Over the last year or so social media has gone to a new level, and if done well it can be a fantastic driver of traffic. That means it should be a core part of any SEO campaign and with Pinterest in particular proving to be incredibly beneficial it’s high time you got on board (see what we did there?)—it’s become the fastest-growing social networking site of all time and business accounts were even launched in November to make it easier and more beneficial for businesses to use this channel, so to help you make the most of it here are a few ways to maximise its SEO potential:

Optimise your company name. The field for the company name itself has no character limit but the username is limited to 15 characters, so unless your name fits perfectly you’ll have to be a bit savvy in your choice to maximise its search value—make sure to go for something memorable, easy to spell and keyword-conscious.
Optimise your “about” section. Your about section gives you 200 characters to deliver a full overview of your company and what you’re all about, and again, make sure to remember the importance of keywords whilst keeping it descriptive, specific and to the point.
Differentiate your board names. You want to do away with the default names suggested by Pinterest and instead make them highly specific and targeted to your potential audience, keeping keywords in mind to maximise your chances of appearing in search results, so keep your names (and the boards themselves) as unique as possible to cut through the clutter and stand out.
Include links to your site. Even though re-pins have recently been changed to nofollow links, you could still benefit from backlinks—not only is it solidifying your authority and association with the brand but it can offer a direct pathway for consumers to buy your products whilst driving traffic and awareness, and if you make sure to use the full link (using link shorteners could mark the pin as spam) you could reap the rewards.
Know what your customer is looking for. Your boards and areas of description should all be targeted to your audience so make sure to use terms that you know they’ll understand, have boards that they’ll be interested in and don’t just use it as a personal advertising opportunity but instead make it a comfortable lifestyle space that really offers value.
Use pin descriptions wisely. Whilst the description can be up to 500 characters long, studies have shown that descriptions between 200 and 300 characters often work best so make sure to keep them tailored and specific. Make them relatable and high-value too (perhaps offering usage or care instructions, etc.) and of course, use keywords to full effect.

So there you have it—a few key ways you can make the most of Pinterest to maximise its SEO potential, so get on board and you could soon be a part of the Pinterest revolution for fantastic results.

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