Link earning rather than link building

Over the last year or so the search landscape has changed dramatically, with SEO techniques needing to change accordingly to keep Google happy whilst fulfilling their core function—getting traffic to your site—with one vital area of consideration being link building. It could be time to change the way we think about this particular tactic to continue to reap the rewards, and we can do that by thinking of it as link earning, rather than link building.

The wake of the Panda and Penguin has meant link building is more difficult than ever before, and a lot of traditional methods of securing links won’t always be suitable. In fact, many tactics have been totally invalidated by Google and will do you more harm than good, with things like link farms and reciprocal link building quickly going out of fashion. Links should be earned rather than bought, swapped or gained by any other questionable means—it’s all based on Google wanting to offer its audience a better search experience with quality needing to be at the top of the agenda, and that’s why you need to focus on offering high-value content that deserves to be shared.

This is perhaps the best way you can improve your link building profile over the next few months. Content is becoming a key determiner of SEO success and can be the foundation of everything from your social campaign to your wider marketing scheme, and with great content comes the potential for plenty of backlinks. You’ll be earning them rather than building them manually for maximum success—it’s all about giving people reasons to link back to you, so make sure to focus on providing a quality service with high-value content and you’ll be earning those links in no time for the SERP impact you want.

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