In the last 10 years marketing has changed dramatically and an online presence is vital to many businesses.

Ever increasing numbers of people are using the internet to find what they want to purchase… the world has become a global marketplace.  Marketing online is all about gaining traffic to websites which is within your targeted niche, online traffic can be gained from online/offline advertisements, PR, brand awareness or search engine optimisation (SEO).

Here at ‘Real Web SEO‘ we focus on search engine marketing by optimising a website to appear highly in natural search engine results.  In this manner you do not pay for traffic or advertisement space; Google, Bing, Yahoo and the other search engines are made to believe that your site is the most relevant search result and you should be the first port-of-call for anyone looking for your product or service.

SEO can bypass PR and effectively steal a purchase from a competitor; PR can get an individual willing to purchase a product but when they search for that product in Google SEO techniques can drive that person to a specific website that sells the same product.

Let’s look at an example of SEO bypassing PR:

A fashionable coat manufacture in London may create a PR campaign to promote their new range of duffle coats.  The news may make tabloids and appear in magazines creating increased interest in wearing duffle coats throughout the UK public.

A reader influenced by the article may type in the word “duffle coats” into as they want to see what’s on offer; the first result on the page is (which is one of our clients).

Between 35% – 45% of search engine users click on the first result displayed which means a significant amount of people who were influenced by the PR campaign will enter and could possibly buy a coat there.

No expense has been made by but because of their search engine position they could gain a significant amount of sales!

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