Visitors Equals Sales

Real Web SEO has never lost a client and it’s clear why… SEO works wonders for the bottom line!

On the right are real results showing the relationship between traffic and sales of a website, it’s not hard to see that traffic is proportional to sales, i.e. the more visitors your site has the more sales it will make (if those visitors are looking for your product that is!).

The amount of visitors to your site also depends on search trends; for example “beach shorts” aren’t very popular in the winter months!  The sales/visitors graph above shows a seasonal trend that peaked early on in our SEO efforts, next year it will follow the same pattern with around 5 times the amount of visitors – read more about search trends.

How Quickly Can Real Web SEO Deliver?

Real Web SEO doesn’t make false promises to get a website to position #1 in Google for their target keyword unlike many fly-by-night SEO companies. What we can promise is a full review on how hard the target keyword would be to achieve and what time frame it would take to hit certain milestones such as page one in Google or over 100 unique visitors per day.

On the right you can witness the analytical data of one of our sites showing the number of visitors over time. Around Early April 2010 the website entered page one in Google after a few months of SEO work; it now enjoys traffic levels of around 500 unique visits/day and is still climbing towards the highly profitable number one spot for their very competitive keyword!

Can You Prove Your Results?

The proof of our results can be found right on Google’s homepage!

We have fought hard to be the highest ranked SEO company in Nottingham beating over 30 other rival SEO agencies to the number one spot in Google.

If you don’t believe me then try searching Google for “SEO Nottingham” or “SEO Company Nottingham” and see in the number one spot. If you Google the keyword “SEO” on it’s own currently appears on page 2 of the results. The keyword “SEO” gets searched around 74,000 times a month in the UK alone and we are steadily rising up the SERPs week by week to prove how good our team have become at SEO.

What Else Do You Offer?

Once we have started to place your website highly in the search results we then focus on your conversion rate. Using our in house conversion specialist we use split testing methods to improve the conversion rate of your site which is basically the ratio of visitors/sale. If you made 1 sale per 100 visitors then Real Web SEO knows a wealth of techniques to turn this number into 2, 3 or perhaps even 8 sales per 100 visitors.

Raising the conversion rate of a website alongside implementing SEO has a double whammy effect – more visitors PLUS more sales per visitor!

We have made serious amounts of money for many clients and work closely with them on further projects in many cases.

Real Web SEO only focus on companies that will succeed with a quality product or service, if this is you then call us on the number below or find out more about us on the about page

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