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Internet marketing involves two core skills; search engine optimisation (SEO) and paid advertising.  Whereas paid advertising brings in instant results, SEO brings in more general and longer lasting traffic levels.

Unfortunately it’s becoming increasing harder to gain large amounts of traffic from recently new websites under 6 months old.  If one of our clients in Nottingham has a small amount of money to invest in their website we usually start with paid advertising alongside SEO.  We eventually turn off paid advertising altogether as bigger and long lasting returns can be found with SEO.  If a client has a large marketing budget and can account for the investment downswing time then our total focus is on the vast amount of potential custom from search engines such as Google.

Paid Advertising

Alongside search engine results you can find paid advertising slots; you can bring up a small advert for your website when people enter certain keywords into the search bar.  You only have to spend money if someone clicks on your advert, not when it is shown, hence the name “pay per click advertising” (PPC).

If PPC is done well you can make a lot of money with paid advertising.  If you are making more profit than what you are spending on advertising then you can continue to improve the list of keywords you advertise on and ramp up the daily spend until you saturate your target market.

If paid advertising is setup incorrectly you can quickly lose a lot of money without any sales; another negative point on Adwords is the fact that the minute you stop advertising is the minute you stop making sales!  Advertising costs are slowing ramping upwards due to increased competition so a long term PPC campaign may end in tears.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo and Ask display a list of quickly ordered websites when you search for a certain keyword; SEO can make sure that your website appears higher up in these search engine results. Higher amounts of traffic are gained from higher rankings in search engines; there are tens of SEO companies in Nottingham alone which are all competing for certain keywords trying to reach the valuable number one position.

SEO is an on-going process to promote a website through on-site content creation and by gaining links and brand awareness from other websites.  Being a popular website means that you may appear in the search engine rankings for many thousands of specific keywords and from many other channels such as social media sites like Twitter or Facebook.

Even if all work is halted, previous SEO work still counts towards promoting a website, thus a highly ranking website is not only a great source of traffic it is also an asset that can be sold in the future to a potential investor.

Viral Marketing

Internet viral campaigns are essentially online PR marketing exercises.  A ‘viral’ is a piece of media or information that gains a wide reach to the public eye and an ever increasing buzz around the net; a funny or amazing video online which people love to show their friends would be an example.  This type of marketing not only generates instant traffic but also if constructed in the right way can vastly help towards SEO too.

If you create a successful viral that can only be seen on your website then you would receive a lot of un-paid traffic from people searching for it online.  Advert placement can generate a lot of revenue especially if the viral is catered towards your niche target audience.  People online relentlessly link to their favorite online virals, if that viral was on your website then you could expect tens of thousands of links from fans, which in turn boosters your rankings with SEO.

Viral marketing is a form of paid marketing and can be very expensive to pull of (if you can pull it off at all!).  Creating a perfect viral needs an amazing idea and a great team behind it to promote it in the right way so it has a doubly-beneficial effect on revenue.

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