Simple changes to your website could do wonders for your site in the search engine results.  On-site SEO may only count for around 10-20% of your SEO efforts but it’s the MOST important factor to win the key-phrases your site is aiming for.

Let’s say for example you ran a Hairdressers in York, UK and wanted your website to do well in Google.  If you didn’t have the words “Hairdresser” or “York” within the text of your site then how would you ever rank for those words in Google?  Google looks at each page on your website and finds the main ‘keywords‘ that are repeated within the text; your text determines what keywords you’ll rank for when people search online so it’s massively important what you write!

What does Google want to see on a website?

Google have a very clever algorithm that quickly judges whether your website is useful to your visitors, currently over 80% of people search with Google so it’s the most important search engine to consider. Google’s main aim is to find the content people are searching for as quickly as possible so the more useful your site is the higher it’ll rank.

Positive ranking factors:

  • Lots of relevant content
  • Freshly created content
  • Easy to read fonts
  • Links to other related pages
  • Normal HTML text
Negative ranking factors:

  • Two or more unrelated subjects on the same page
  • A website that hasn’t been updated for years
  • A website that is hard to navigate or read
  • No outgoing/internal links to find more content
  • A mainly Flash or JavaScript website
Look at each feature on your website and ask yourself this question: Is this feature going to be useful to anyone? – if the answer is “no” then get rid of it, no-one like pop-ups, complex menus or flash intros, the sooner you make your website more user-friendly the sooner Google will bump you up the rankings!

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