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  • How to boost local SEO ranking

    How to boost local SEO ranking

    For a lot of SMEs, being able to attract a local following can be the key to their success. That means, whilst achieving high SERP

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    Key ways to nail on-page optimisation

    In the quest for SERP domination, small businesses need to use every SEO tool they can. Whilst off-page optimisation, social signals and consumer engagement are

  • SEO for ecommerce

    SEO for ecommerce

    Having an ecommerce site is all about maximising sales and increasing your profit margin, but the key to that will always be boosting your online

  • SEO isn’t dead!

    SEO isn’t dead!

    There’s no denying that the SEO landscape has changed a lot over the last year or two. What with the Penguin, Panda and numerous other

  • Will Facebook’s hashtags change the face of search?

    Will Facebook’s hashtags change the face of search?

    If there’s one piece of news that’s dominated the SEO scene over the last week or so, it’s Facebook hashtags. Once solely the domain of

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  • Will Facebook’s hashtags change the face of search?

    If there’s one piece of news that’s dominated the SEO scene over the last week or so, it’s Facebook hashtags. Once solely the domain of social competitor Twitter, Facebook has decided to get in on the hashtagging action and in doing so has essentially become a real-time search engine—whilst general users might be a bit blasé about the whole thing it offers enormous potential for brands, and given the scale of Facebook it could potentially change the face of search

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  • Optimising video content

    In the eyes of Google, content is king. In fact it’s more important now than it ever has been, and these days the search engine giant has a particular fondness for multimedia content. It’s all about providing a great user experience and that means you need to provide more than basic text—you should incorporate everything from images and maps to infographics and video, with this last format proving particularly popular. Get it right and even smaller sites have an opportunity

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  • What summer 2013 has in store

    The world of SEO never stands still, particularly when it comes to Google. Algorithms are updated and techniques are changed with everything being solely focused on providing the best user experience possible, and it’s nice to get a bit of a heads-up every now and again. Luckily Google has given us one—Matt Cutts was nice enough to create a video of what webmasters and SEOs can expect over the next few months, and here at Juno we’ve gone through it

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  • On-page SEO still matters

    2012 has seen the SEO arena change dramatically, largely the result of numerous updates and algorithm changes implemented by Google. What worked for SEO this time last year probably won’t be so successful now and that’s led a lot of people to start panicking and make drastic changes for the future, but there’s one vital thing you need to remember—on-page SEO still matters. It’s easy to overlook the basics and instead focus on wider SEO strategies to get your brand

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  • SEO Company Nottingham

    Real Web SEO have fought hard to be the #1 SEO company in Nottingham. There are many SEO companies based in Nottingham and nearby Derby/Lincoln but we are sitting proudly in Google’s #1 spot for the keyword “SEO Nottingham”. Created by web entrepreneurs we have helped many ecommerce businesses and services conquer the search engine results. SEO is a solid solution for companies; paying for PPC traffic through Google Adwords is a temporary solution whereas SEO is a long term asset.

    Magento SEO Web Design

    Magento is a content management system that can handle a complex ecommerce store. It has a lot of advantages over out-dated oscommerce systems including increased flexibility for the user, simple product management by the retailer and customisable meta tag options for the search engines. Magento stores can be linked seamlessly with WordPress blogs which is another powerful SEO tool; Real Web SEO have perfected this process over the years and now offer it’s own custom designs to new clients.

  • Experienced SEO Company (Search Engine Optimisation) has worked with over websites since it began working on search engine optimisation for an IT support team named Little Fish. Since reaching the golden #1 position for Little Fish on their main keyword “IT Support” (currently at #2) the team have won over many other search results with incredibly positive outcomes. Much keeps changing with Google and other search engines and constantly keep upto date with the latest news to stay Nottingham’s #1 SEO company.

    WordPress SEO Blogging

    A WordPress blog has become the most effective tool for SEO experts within the last 4 years. User-generated content on the blog will be presented to Google and other search engines in the ideal way to get the maximum impact on search engine rankings. Here at we use our own custom written WordPress plugins to automatically refresh a website’s main page content and to also promote every single blog post written (again automatically).

  • Web Design and SEO Company

    Our SEO company began life four years ago as a web design agency. An SEO company cannot function effectively without understanding web design, site architecture and conversion methodology. Gaining position is simply not enough to generate sales, our SEO company through the implementation of intelligent design maximises your revenue per site visitor and provides effective consultation to ensure your brand is visible and well presented.